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                           Heating and Air Conditioning
                                       Knoxville TN
                                                      MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT RESIDENTIAL
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Champion Heating And Air Conditioning agrees to perform maintenance on the heating and air conditioning system located at the above address, one time per year. Maintenance will include:
* CHECK FILTERS                                                  * INSPECT WIRING AND CONTROLS
* CHECK CONDENSATE DRAIN                              * CHECK REFRIGERANT
* CHECK EVAPORATOR COIL                                * INSPECT HEAT EXCHANGER
* CHECK CONDENSER COIL                                  * INSPECT FLUE PIPING
* CHECK EQUIPMENT OPERATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Above maintenance tasks, will be performed during the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday, with the exception of Legal Holidays. Under this agreement CHAMPION HEATING AND AIR COND. INC. will perform one maintenance, no filters on your heating and air conditioning system. All service calls will be billed at our normal service rates. This contractor assumes noliabilityfor operation of the equipment other than to advise customer if repairs are needed.. Under no circumstances will this contractor be liable for subsequent or speculative damage, injury due to use of or failure of the heating and air conditioning system, or replacement cost of such equipment. All service calls under this agreement shall be performed during normal working hours,
which are Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, with exception of legal holidays. Emergency servicewill be available at other times but will be subject to our normal overtime rate.
For the above mentioned services, I agree to use only Champion Heating And Air conditioning for Break downs or replacement of heating and air conditioning equipment located at the above address. Champion heating and air conditioning will use honest and fair standard industry pricing for service calls and replacement cost of equipment when needed. If for any reason you believe our pricing on equipment replacement to be excessive, you have the option to get a second opinion from any other reputable licensed air conditioning contractor. In the event, the second opinion is more than 10% less than Champion heating and air conditioning, Champion heating and air conditioning has the option to match a fair and reasonable price of an Equivalent product. If we are unable to match price, you have option to use other contractor.For agreement of above underlined terms we will reduce our maintenance agreement to $ . Agreement is valid for one year from date of acceptance by owner.


Reviewed & Accepted                                                                                 Champion Heating And Air Conditioning Inc.

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